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עו"ד שי וולשטיין

 / עו"ד שי וולשטיין  צפיות : 22131

Israeli citizens charged with drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking or some types of financial fraud may be tried before an international tribunal or in the court of a foreign country. Similarly, foreign nationals indicted for crimes that involve the illegal transfer of assets, drugs or other goods across Europe or U.S. borders may be prosecuted in a United States federal court. How and where an individual is prosecuted and the procedures used in that court will likely be defined by international treaties and conventions.

Fighting the charges against you begins with understanding your rights as well as the treaties and conventions that may apply in your case. shai wolstein at the law office of weisbich wolstein attorneys at law represent Israeli citizens facing international crimes charges in federal courts in the U.S.A, before international tribunals and in other foreign courts

Defense Against International Crime Charges
We represent clients in criminal cases involving

Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
International monetary crimes such as money laundering
Human trafficking
International drug trafficking
Industrial espionage
Meeting the Requirements of International Law criminal investigations can vary across countries.
Procedural rules governing what can and cannot be admitted as evidence at trial can be substantially different. In some countries, taking a deposition or contacting a potential witness is forbidden.

Our firm has represented clients in Europe, Latin America, and usa. We are familiar with investigative techniques, letters rogatory and treaties that are effective for discovering information and protecting our clients' interests. We also handle extradition proceedings.

contact us Whether you are facing extradition or criminal prosecution or are under investigation by Interpol, we can help you

 Call  972-54-9292600

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